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Next VO Workshop:

January 10 - February 14

(Wednesdays, 7-10 pm)

For 18 years, Reed has been teaching voiceover classes, producing demos and coaching VO actors in films, tv series and radio shows.   HIs six-week workshops occur throughout the year and he has an ongoing monthly group for advanced students. Both groups work out of RUDY'S STUDIO, which is a state-of-the-art facility in Mar Vista. In 2015, BACKSTAGE listed Reed as "one of the top voiceover teachers in L.A. to study with". Reed is very passionate in his pursuit to develop exceptional voiceover work,  in his own voice work and those of his students. Reed continues to be inspired by the talent that he works with at his studio. 


Rudy's Studio,Mar Vista,CA


Reed teaches a six-week voiceover intensive 6 or 7 times year. He focuses on voiceover technique essentials (breath, intention, right sound/tone, developing a character) and learning how to breakdown copy. The studio has one of the finest acoustically engineered and luxurious booths on the market, by Studiobricks. The space for students/clients is very accommodating and provides a warm environment.

Each session is limited to 8 students, making for an intimate and supportive workshop.



  • Reed takes his time getting to know you and your voice during your sessions.

  • He carefully chooses the right material in crafting your voice demo.

  • Each piece you record will have the quality and sound of a broadcast piece.

  • Commercial, Narration, Animation and Video Game Demos options available.



Reed has been voicing commercials and narrating TV shows since the early 90’s. He's voiced many national multi-spot campaigns and lent his voice to hundreds of commercials and tv series for the past 30 years. For 15 years, Reed was the vocal coach for many of KCRW's on-air radio hosts, including Evan Kleiman and Kim Masters.  He coached and recorded Gotham Chopra's narration for all three seasons of Religion of Sports. And also coached & recorded Gotham's podcast, Man in the Arena. He has been the vocal coach for films on National Geographic and Red Bull Films. He has trained hundreds of actors over the past 18 years. 



See what On-Air Hosts, Actors, Narrators & Broadcasters are saying about Reed's coaching.

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Reed interviews actress Maura Tierney, academy award- winning producer, Doug Wick and Fr. Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries.

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