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Reflection in a Pond



Kim Masters

Gotham Chopra


"Reed's coaching has helped me far more than just with pitch and delivery. Even after two decades of narration, Reed helped me find my voice. It's been less of a technical process and more of a spiritual one. He's a wonderful collaborator. "

Producer/Narrator of Religion of Sports, Kobe Bryant's Muse, Man in the Arena: Tom Brady & Decoding Deepak

Jennifer Ferro

"Reed is a great teacher who helped me to stop reading and start hosting"

Host of The Business, NPR

Arun Rath

Evan Kleiman

Evan Klienman.jpg

"Reed allowed me to own my voice after years of speaking from a tentative voice. The work has been much more powerful than improvement of cadence & tone".

Host of Good Food,KCRW


"Reed helped me find and get comfortable with my own voice. And the sessions were loads of fun. He's fantastic". 

NPR host, All Things Considered


"I've had many of KCRW's talent work with Reed. We can hear the results on the air. His gentle and positive approach allows their personalities to come through in every possible way". 

President of KCRW

Eric J. Lawrence

"Reed transcends merely being professional, in helping you prepare for your future career. He really cares that you understand your own skills and how you can best put them to use".


DJ, KCRW, (RIP the Wonderful EJ)

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