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Water Drops


(All demos are recorded by me, in Rudy's premier studio. Each script is tailored to the client and all editing is done in a Protools DAW.) 

Nealla Gordon

"Reed uses his knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing VO biz. He creates the perfect copy to make the best impression. His direction brings the best out of you, making you feel confident and accomplished. I highly encourage it." 

Tiffany Jauhari


"Reed inspires you to find your own unique voice and make it your own. Incredible coach, amazing producer and you'll have a blast working with him".

Joel Gelman

"What Reed does is an art. He creates an incredibly comfortable and pro environment through his thoughtfulness, care and knowledge that allows you to find your best voice. Can't recommend him enough."

Eric J. Lawrence

Henry LeBlanc

Renee Jones

"I love my demo. Reed is a master. He gives great direction, which produces an excellent demo."

"Reed is great at finding that distinctive, special quality in your voice that grabs the listener immediately. His demo helped me get an agent and am now working in animation and commercials. "

Jody Ferdig 

"I've been taking VO for years and finally found my Buddha. I suffer from anxiety and Reed gently guides you to the best version of you. He helps you navigate your strengths and dissipate your fears. He worked me through the demo process, ending with a bomb creation. He teaches a 6 week bootcamp which I highly recommend and a monthly brush up which I don't miss to this day".

Marty Gish


Working with Reed is always fun and always rewarding. He provides a safe, friendly and encouraging space to expand and produced an extraordinary demo for me".

"In making my demo, Reed made sure all of my strengths were represented and that we got the best takes possible. Although it's my demo, Reed really made it feel like a team effort."

Dave Mays 

"Loved working with Reed. He clearly knows his stuff and is very supportive. He helped me shine and i felt very comfortable working under his guidance".

Ahmad Dugas

"I had the pleasure of Taking Reed's voiceover class and enjoyed his warm and friendly style of teaching. He brought that right into the production of my demo and am happy with the result."

Gary Gunter

"Reed worked with me closely and curated the script content to my strengths, giving excellent feedback along the way, so I could constantly improve my reads. I was extremely happy with the result and used the demo to help get me a great voiceover agent".

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